Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brownie and Beach Blast!!!!!

We just got home from Destin, Florida last night. We spent a week on the beach with my parents, brother and sister, and nephew. We had a blast!!!!! Lexi and Ayden both loved the sand and water. I think that Lexi could have stayed from morning til dark. Ayden does whatever his sister does. If she runs down to the water..... he is not far behind! They were so cute to watch. We got lots of good video, which I know we will love looking back at someday. Ayden counts, 2,2,2 and then falls down into the water. It is so much fun to watch him experience new things. Lexi loved the pool also where she did cheerleading with Gampi everyday. David got to golf and I took Lexi school shopping. We ate at the Crab Trap and Pomponoe Joes, which were both amazing and sat right on the beach!!! David and I got to go out to Pomponoe Joes by ourselves and had a lil date with the best seats ever. They were out on the deck on the beach.....It was so pretty. We cooked every kind of shrimp you can think of, shrimp alfredo, and had a crab leg feast!!!!! It was defintely a great ending to our summer!!!!!! We can't wait to go again. I am going to post a few pictures from the beach below plus a couple of pics of the kids helping me cook brownies for David's 30th birthday. If you can't tell, Ayden is a fan of licking the bowl. At first he kept looking at me wondering why I was letting him do it. Then, at one point, I thought he might try to crawl in the sink!! I LOVE my kiddos!!!! We have so much fun! Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Summer Fun!

So as you can see in the pic above, we have been having to much fun being at home for the summer!!!! We have been relaxing in the mornings. Watching GMA, drinking coffee, playing!!! I love summer mornings!!!!! We celebrated David's bday out at the lake on Sunday. I had a yard sale last weekend that went really well. This week I am trying to catch up on scrapbooking, organizing around the house, and getting some things ready for 1st grade. On Saturday, we are leaving for Destin, which I am SO excited about. Then it will be back to work for me:( But I am excited about this school year so I will be ready. Here are some pics from the last couple weeks.

Ayden loves his sister's helmet and scooter:)

Lexi playing school. She just had to have makeup!

Ayden was not to excited about holding Jaxon!!!

Hanging out after sleeping in:)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Fun!

Thought I would post some summer pictures. We are enjoying our summer break, but it is going by way to fast. Besides vacation, we have been out on the boat and working on small projects around the house that I don't get done during the school year. We celebrated Lexi's 6th birthday in June, so I have added some pictures from her party and sleepover. We celebrated the 4th of July out on the boat watching fireworks, watching fireworks at the Naturals Ballpark, and having a cookout. I just had to post this picture of Ayden above because he loves to wear hats. If David has a hat on Ayden will take it off and want to wear it. He gets pretty upset if you try to take it from him. The funny thing is he will wear the hats side ways, backwards, diagonal, and sometimes he likes to cover his eyes up with the hat and try to walk. The other day I was cleaning out David's closet to get ready for our yard sale this weekend and he just had a blast trying on all the hats I was throwing out. He also enjoys getting a pair of Lexi's tennis shoes out of her closet and wearing them around the house ALL day. I probably put them back in her closet 10 times today. Enjoy the pictures.
Cole decided to strap Ayden's carseat to the golf cart. Obviously I was not monitoring this.

Laura, I put this one on here for you to see. Even though you are moving to the Bahamas now, he was supporting you in his new Dominica t-shirt from Nana and Papa

We had family over for the fourth of July weekend. Lexi loves playing with her cousins, Dylan and Logan. They had a blast on the water slide and shooting fireworks. Ofcourse we could not get Ayden to stay in the picture but he had fun as well.

Ayden enjoyed the watermelon if you can't tell!!

Lexi had her first sleepover for her 6th birthday party!! All the girls had so much fun!!

The gang at Lexi's party. She was so glad that almost everyone was able to come. What cuties!!! Ayden was also at the party, however he does not necessarily volunteer for pictures..... He runs!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Enjoying San Antonio Heat!

When we got to San Antonio, we took a walk down the Riverwalk. We stopped and ate at a delicious mexican restaurant called, Rio Rio. Then we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for Sea World!

Sea World, San Antonio

Taking a break after the Shamu show! Ayden enjoyed getting out of the stroller and being free for a while. We sat by the lake while Lexi and dad rode the roller coaster, which she wanted to ride again immediately. She is definitely not like her mom!! She is a little dare devil!!

Austin, TX

At the mall in Austin Lexi just had to jump on the bungee trampoline. It was really neat! She had a blast!

What a trip!!!!