Monday, October 5, 2009

Long time.....No blogging

So every since school started back in August, my summer project of starting a blog has been placed at the bottom of my to do list. We have been so busy! As most of you know, I switched to first grade this year. Although I love my new position and never want to move back up, it has been a challenge. There has been so much to learn and preparing for each week is definitely more time consuming than it was in 4th grade where I taught the same thing three times a day. I usually stay at school every day until about 5:30 and still bring lots of work home. It has been worth it though because I love my 1st graders!!!!! Lexi has been involved in soccer, gymnastics, dance, and Timothy Team which is her Wednesday night church class. So we have something every night of the week except Mondays....Whew!!!! Ayden is growing so much!! He does some of the cutest things right now. He is talking so much and always has lots to say. His favorite thing is to watch Yo Gabba Gabba. He dances all around the room. And of course he still loves doing whatever his sister does. David and I have started a class at church called "Growing A Healthy Marriage" and we love it! It is such a great way to refresh our marriage. This past weekend David and I had a blast at the Arkansas/TX A&M game. I am posting some pictures tonight from the weekend and a few others of the kids from dance, soccer, and tailgating. Hope you enjoy and I promise to try and keep up with my blog a little better.