Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring is Busy!!

Although I love winter, I am so excited spring has arrived!! It has been such a pretty week! It makes it seem like summer break is getting closer:) Lexi has been riding her bike everyday after school. Ayden got an "eggo" bike (aka Diego) and LOVES to ride it also. He has a new helmet that he wears pretty much the entire time he is outside. It is so funny! The kids and I love going out in the evenings to play and take walks. We are pretty busy right now. Lexi has started play practice for the Wizard of Oz. She is doing excellent and we can't wait until Showtime!! In the next few weeks leading up to the play she will practice 4-5 time a week...ahhhh!!!!!! On top of that, it is also Dance Recital time, so we are trying to also make all dance practices! Oh-and I forgot.....t-ball starts next week!! David, Uncle Brian, and Jay are coaching Lexi's team. Uncle Brian sponsored the team and so ofcourse they will be called "Lester Law Firm" and according to David, Brian, and Jay, they will go undefeated...hahaha!!!! So yes, we are VERY busy right now. We are very excited about watching Lexi in all of her upocoming events, but I am sure we will be ready for the break from activities once June comes!! We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! It was such a pretty day! I am posting a couple of my favorite recent pics of the kids. Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring!