Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do I capture each moment????

My sweet babies laying on the couch together watching TV.

Lexi and Ayden in their hats. Lexi was playing dress up with the hat she just had to have from the dollar section at Target and so ofcourse Ayden had to have a hat also. As for the rest of Lexi's outfit.....don't ask me!!!! Notice that one of Ayden's sponge bob valentines for his party at Mrs. Shirleys is included. He carried that card around all day!!! I also have a picture of Ayden in Lexi's boots, but David would not be happy if I posted it;)

My little miss priss!!!!

Ayden in his "big boy bed"!! I can't believe he has slept four nights in a row now without getting up once!!!

The past couple of days I have been feeling like I don't do a good enough job of taking pictures and video taping my kids. I always say, "I have to get that on camera", and then I never do!! I have piles and piles of pictures and keepsakes to put into the kids' scrapbooks, but I never make time to work on them. When Lexi was born, I promised myself that I would keep up with her scrapbook and here I am now with two kids and two bins full of memories just thrown in a pile!!!!! So I have been asking myself, how do I catch up on their scrapbooks for the past couple years??? How do I make myself remember to always have the camera or video recorder ready??? I love my kids so much and feel that time is just flying by way too fast. I just wish time would stop. I love how fun Ayden is right now! He is talking so much and says everything in such a cute way!!! Every minute is exciting!!! Lexi is the sweetest big sister in the world. She plays with him all the time, takes care of him, teaches him things, and just makes him happy! He just adores her and it is so sweet......I don't ever want that to change!! So, my goal is to go get the camera or video recorder instead of saying "I will get that next time". I want to make time each weekend or atleast every other weekend to atleast do a couple pages in each of their scrapbooks. We will see how this goes, but I have got to capture these special moments in my life!!!! I love every minute of it!!!! I posted a couple of pics above from the last few days at home when I DID actually grab the camera;)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Break!!

We are on Winter Intercession right and the kids and I are loving it!!! Asbell is on a continuous learning calendar, therefore we have three intercessions during the year and have a shorter summer. I LOVE the calendar!! I love having these little breaks almost monthly and spending time with my kids!! When we are home, we lay around all morning in our pj's and it is my favorite time of the day! This past weekend David and I spent some time together for Valentines Day. We wanted to do it the weekend before so it wouldn't be as crazy. So, Lexi was at her dad's and Ayden went to Nana and Papaw's. On Friday night, we went with a few other couples to Bordinos, which is where we ate the night we got engaged:) It was so yummy and so fun to catch up with friends!! Then we went with our friends Kristen and Steven to Georges to watch one of David's favorite group play, Cross Canadian. It was fun, but we realized we are getting so old!! We were yawning by 10:00!!!!! We made it till about 11:30 though!! Then on Saturday we just spent the day together. We went to Common Grounds for breakfast and then we went to Barnes and Noble to look at home decor books!! We are putting our house up for sale in March, and planning to build when it sales. So we looked at lots of different kitchen and bathroom layouts. It was so exciting!! In a couple of weeks we are having almost all of our house re-painted back to neutral colors, and then we are going to attempt to put wood floors in our living room ourselves. Then we will put it up for sale and hopefully this will help it sell!!! We would like to start building by the fall and have it built before we have another baby;) But that depends on how long it takes to sell our house. Yesterday and today, the kids and I have been making homemade valentines and we even made cupcakes......mmmmmmm!!!! Ayden has slept in his big boy bed for two nights in a row now!! He is so proud of himself and so are we! This morning my sister came over and he just had to go show her his bed. He is getting so big! Well, I guess that's all for now:)