Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun in First Grade!!!!

Last Thursday Lexi and I both started first grade!!!!! She loves her new teacher, Mrs. Ebert and having her best friend, Sophie, in her class again. I kind of got a little teary eyed because I can't believe that she is a first grader and it is hard dropping her off to another classroom besides her wonderful, loving Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jackson's. But I know she will do great! I have made a huge change from teaching fourth grade to now first grade! But so far I LOVE it and never want to go back up. I am laughing all the time!!!! My kiddos tell me they love my hair, shoes, makeup, glasses, and clothes EVERYDAY!!! LOL!!! Lexi's classroom is actually connected to my room so we did have to have a little talk about how she could not hug me and talk to me everytime she sees me. Although I am a lil tired because I have been working non-stop for the past couple weeks getting my room ready, lesson plans done, and learning a lot about first grade, we are off to what I think will be a great year. Our evenings are still a little quiet, but in a couple weeks it will be soccer, dance, gymnastics, and tiny tims at church consuming our weeknights so we are breathing while we still can!!!! I feel like I haven't said much about Ayden since I am talking about school. He is still making us laugh constantly!!! He is such a little stinker, but it is so hard not to laugh. He does WHATEVER Lexi does and it is so funny!!! Tonight I was practicing Lexi's spelling words with her and he would repeat the word when I told it to her. So funny! He loves going to Mrs. Lenora's and playing with his friend Towns. He even says Towns name now. Well that's all for now. Enjoy the week!