Saturday, March 6, 2010

Valentine's Day and Ayden's 2nd Birthday

Wow!! February went by fast and spring is just around the corner. We celebrated my nephew, Jaxon's 1st birthday on the 9th of February at Fun City and Ayden's 2nd birthday on the 28th at JumpZone! David and I cannot believe Ayden is two already! Time goes by so fast! Ayden had such a great birthday party. We had so many wonderful friends and family that came to celebrate his special day with us at JumpZone. If you have not been to JumpZone, it is a huge warehouse with lots of inflatables and the kids had an absolute blast!! He had a "Yo Gabba Gabba" party, which is a show on Nick Jr. that he goes crazy over. Ayden got so many new toys and now it is almost impossible to walk in his room! He got a train table, slide, clothes, muno guitar, train accessories, books, tools, blocks, yo gabba gabba plate, cup bowl (which is one of his favorites!), and lots more goodies. Ofcourse after we got home from his party and opened all of the toys, he just wanted to play with the balloons.....imagine that!!!! I am posting my favorite picture of him from his party that a friend took. I just love this picture of him! He loves that guitar!! I have also included a picture of Ayden and my sweet nephew at Jaxon's party.
For Valentine's Day, David brought Lexi home a dozen pink roses, which she absolutely loved!! She felt so big to get her own roses!! She wanted to pour the little package of food in the vase like 5 times a!! Oh-I also got roses to, except mine were red:) Ayden got a Deigo backpack and a pair of binoculars for Valentine's Day. He has to take that backpack everywhere we go now. In the mornings when I tell Lexi to get her backpack he has to go get his. It's so funny. I posted a picture of Lexi with her roses and Ayden in his gear! Hope you enjoy!
Today was such a pretty day outside. Me and Ayden went and did some running around and then came home and jumped on the trampoline for a very long time. I think he could jump on that thing for hours! We are looking forward to spring and lots of time outside!!

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