Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Break!

We have had a busy spring break up until today. David took off Monday and Tuesday so that we could put in wood floors and do some painting. We are trying to sale our house, so we are doing a little fixing up! In the past couple of weeks we have had the entire house repainted. We had a pink bedroom, teal bedroom, red living room, and chocolate brown bathroom. Now our house is all back to neutral in hopes of someone imagining themselves in our home!! We had someone come and paint most of the house, but we decided to do the kitchen at the last minute to match the rest of the house, so I did that all by myself while David put in wood floors. It took me two days!! Yes, I am slow especially having to go around all of the cabinets in the kitchen...not fun!!!! Luckily David had lots of help doing the wood floors. My stepdad, brother-in-law, and our good friend Jay helped out with the task! They did such an awesome job and we love the wood floors. However, I am paranoid about every little toy that flies across the room or drops on the floor. We definitely have to find a large rug soon.
Yesterday, we went to see Nick Jr. Live at the Walton Arts Center with Jill, Ian, and Carter. Ayden was AMAZED!! He loved it!! Lexi ofcourse said that her and Ian were "ready to get out of their because it wasn't like Disney", but she watches Nick Jr. all the time!! Hahaha!! Her and Ian are so funny together because they try to show off around each other. Last weekend, I went to Kansas City with David because he had to work. I shopped, had a massage and pedicure, worked out, and had starbucks each morning while I read my book!!! We went to dinner both nights at delicious places. We had lots of fun and it was nice to get away a couple days. So today is the first day that the kids and I have been able to just lay around all day. We had a nap while it rained, which was very nice! Looking forward to enjoying the last three days of the break before we go back to school next week. I will be so sad to have to take Ayden to the babysitter...I love keeping him with me all day!

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